Elite Researcher’s Cry: 2 of 7

Everything, as in everything, And I deadly mean everything Spiraled out of control, it was expected A blindfold, I had on, I clearly saw through A future, of the Elite Researcher I had been here before. Nothing had changed Not even the weather, it was all the same Darkness, I breathed in, danger, I sniffed And regrets to come, I observed from a distance I had to ensure my own safety, Before even that, of the Elite Researcher Bad news, the Elite Researcher became His fall, was to be a hard one Defying, all laws of gravity, motion, nature And … Continue reading Elite Researcher’s Cry: 2 of 7

Cadaver Architect: 6 of 11

Happiness of sorrow Sermons my peace of torture With dreads of love and passion, I receive The Architect, Never says a word back, nor slightly blink I feel her presence, comforting my spirit A blissful soft wind, brushing my brains All is well, all is at peace She still lives She still provides She still creates She still invents The Architect, I tell her everything Alright, not everything But truly, mostly everything Ranging from how my day went To amazing conversations, I had After all, She is The Architect The Cadaver Architect, Who designed your insights as well The Architect, … Continue reading Cadaver Architect: 6 of 11

Rocking Devil: 7 of 8

Tingling whispers, from the Rocking Devil To present day, continue, to inspire a true smile On my stupid fucked up face, Even though, thousands of miles apart Its name healed sorrow, misery, regrets And ruined wishes, trapped in my aches Little did I know, The Rocking Devil, slowly took over my life Control of a long lost begotten life, I regained The Rocking Devil, recaptured and held, Above my dangling stranded weak body My life was on a horizontal shredded loop, With edges bulged out, and a center too far I still looked up to it: the Rocking Devil Not … Continue reading Rocking Devil: 7 of 8

Rocking Devil: 5 of 8

Black roses, I sniffed, covered entrance Of the Rocking Devil’s chamber I had seen very enticing roses before, Roses healthily grown and well maintained But these were wickedly different: strangely beautiful, With a unique pageant appearance, at home, I felt In the center, the Rocking Devil stood One leg front, and another slightly to the back Sluttily dressed, with daring pleasure sparks Indeed, it was worth a wait No more boring days, awaited my soul Souls often uttered out unforgettable days, This was mine, a day I could remember In great details, of everything which occurred I had entered its … Continue reading Rocking Devil: 5 of 8

Heterosexual Chaos

Decided Entrapment Bound by norms of society, I craved a deviant path of randomness Only to be wholeheartedly consoled, By weirdness and awkwardness Vibrating through, A flawlessly perfected physique Decisions I made, due to resulting fear Trapped destined energies, I ventured in I was a drowning bug I kept breathing, my hourglass tilted Fortunately, I was rescued by a lesbian gynecologist So much we shared Very little we knew about each other We connected physically and emotionally Cradling inner strengths Enabling our thinking through a box Which yielded haling beginnings Only those who had sex, In a hemlock water dropwort, … Continue reading Heterosexual Chaos

Ricocheting Regrets

Sadness in My Positivity Sadness struck, positivity and joy, I delightfully chanted Enough was enough, fate sprung, swinging my soul On an enchanted scarecrow, owned by forefathers of time Misery, sorrow, and darkness; I blocked out of life For more than two decades: escalated and converged Shattering a wall, I built with schools of different thoughts A healing power of walking away, I once knew of Echoed through cries, trapped and buried at a distance Comforting foremothers of nature, were on a vacation For so long, I was stuck in-between: a past and a future A bad joke, with already … Continue reading Ricocheting Regrets

Lesbian Challenge: 4 of 8

For a span of a New York Minute, I had my thoughts under control Two beautiful hot smokin’ ladies, With rocking outlines, Occupied my surroundings Intelligently embedded with sparks of life One of them was: the one and only Mighty Lesbian gynecologist So much we shared in common Very little, we knew about each other Our desired and shared interests, Were discussed I could not roll my eyes We agreed, big can be beautiful In terms of electronics, And it was perfectly fine, to alter one’s body Based on their source of dilettante I adored her style, plus her raspy … Continue reading Lesbian Challenge: 4 of 8

Lesbian Challenge: 2 of 8

Machine escalating sounds, Awakened dead species, inhumed in my core Flourishing every piece of underlying muscle Making I look, Five years younger than my actual age She felt jealous, with invading envy In her case, Many assumed her to be older Sophisticated beauty, With sights of intelligence, she possessed Alongside a pretty toxic smile, she flared out Many confused her appearance, with maturity Very vibrant, yet moody, she was One needed a right approach, To dive into her personal space I determinedly rehearsed, to stay hilarious As I inappropriately, Invaded her personal space With a psychotic belief: I missed ballroom … Continue reading Lesbian Challenge: 2 of 8