Bewitched Healer 8 of 8

Through hollowness of the Healer’s eyes
And hardening bodies of crawling creatures,
Egos were discovered
Belonging to the charmed land.
Foreign intruders, with shiny textures
Deserved a right to own beauties.
Beauties of the land,
Were reaped from efforts of the Healer
And scattered ashes, of burnt crawling creatures.
Nocturnal crawling creatures
Narrowly escaped, hiding in caves of the land.
Freed spirits, couldn’t let it go
Exposure, was all they had in mind
Tarnishing recurring egotistic findings
Initiating a trail of conflicts.
Awakening the land noble
Who chased the freed spirits
Into burning bushes and shredded trees.
The Healer of the land,
Never came to their rescue
The spirit controllers, watched it all
From high above,
Caves of a land, I was born to.
A last breath I owned,
Was offered to nocturnal crawling creatures
They needed it more
In their crawls,
Happiness revoked a body owned
Stabbed in a lower left abdomen
By a tree stub,
Earlier decapitated by lightning.
The tree stub blamed I,
For observing without offering a hand
Against egotistic findings of the land
With a Healer of the land, long gone.

Snatched from Orgasmic Sinister in your favorite store and library: Electronic and Audio formats available.


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