Bewitched Healer 4 of 8

Generations rolled through decades
Information concerning trapped spirits
Got diluted,
In transitional ceremonies performed
At the end of a new decade,
Depending on intensity of
Bright burning beams from the sky ball
Measured based on how long it took
To burn selected crawling bugs to ashes
Rejoicing in liberation, from the jagged land
Under strict observation
From a highly respected land noble
Kissed by the land and its belongings.
Little was known, about the land noble
Speculations and rumors had it wrong
A direct descendant of a Blessed Sorceress
He was thought to be
Sent by a Healer, to undo wrongs done
The Healer of all, stepped back to the side
And enjoyed watching everything,
Burn literally to ashes: spirit controllers,
The land, and its belongings.
It was deserved by all
They ignored bright burning beams
And chanted tears
Collected in shells of creatures.
Rising new generations of the decade
Got stranded in a mess, neither initiated
Nor belonging to them

Innocently snatched from Orgasmic Sinister.
Available in electronic and audio formats in
various stores and libraries


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