Never a One Time Opportunity

It is A Big Fat Lie

Life rolls through days with shadows funning out. Have you ever wondered where a particular sound is coming from? Tilting the head to a side, is a technique utilized by many species, to identify where a sound is originating from. Sadly, some humans refer to such species as inferior. However, tilting of the head changes a way in which the brain receives and perceives incoming sound waves. I do it often, tilting my head to the right, strategically raising a left ear, for better perception. Waves which stream across my ears originating from others, are not only interesting, but entertaining as well. This happens most especially when I listen without a purpose. I don’t know about you, but tilting of the head gives I a cool appearance of a vibe. It puzzles many, making I smile with joy felt deep in. Although I tilt my head often, there is no event deemed to happen again in one’s lifetime. As many have reclaimed: “life is a rolling camera, and never a computer game”. Whichever claim strikes through you, it should be applied to life opportunities.

There is no such thing as a onetime opportunity. If something is meant to happen, it does happen. This is because, a humongous driving force outweighs interfering or counteracting forces. A strange similarity occurs with a fact that one does not have to believe in something, if it is true. A delusion of beliefs trailing through lives of many, is an interesting life aspect. It is also interesting, yet very sensitive, making it deserve a specific spot on the blog. It will be tackled on a later date.

Anytime someone chatters out a phrase: “it’s a onetime opportunity”, my sweet, little and dear angel, run as fast as you can, for your doomed life. When that phrase is uttered, caution lights, bells and sirens are activated. Unfortunately, they are ignored by many. A “onetime opportunity”, is an intelligent and carefully designed trap. It eagerly awaits, ready to take a bloody shit out of a messed up and screwed individual. Many fail to accept a fact that, there is no such thing, as a onetime opportunity. Excuses and failures of a misfortunate past, blend in, worsening the situation. A past of failures educates a few, willing to freely ride along with life changes. A twenty-first century we are sailing through is filled with quick fixes, placing details on a back banner. As a result, remnants of truth are forcefully flashed into a neighbor’s backyard.

I am aware of time sensitive events. These should not at any moment be confused with exclusively unrealistic so-called one-time opportunities. Some individuals have taken it to a whole new level of foreplay. Sales personnel and reputational con artists, are famous for incorporating the phrase in a daily life. Have you ever been a victim of “one-time opportunities”? How did it start out? Where you lucky enough to escape it before it engulfed you? Or you overcame it? If yes, how did you do it please?

Con artists, twisted thoughts    


7 thoughts on “Never a One Time Opportunity

  1. Wow, I’m not even sure which part I should comment first haha 😀 reading your blog post often feels like sitting down to eat an appetizer and found out that I no longer need my dinner because I’m full (it’s a compliment 😀 )

    Humans are beings that think we’re the best living creature, the smartest and all that because we have the technology and all this modern convenient crap, but in reality, a lot of these “inferior” species are in fact a lot smarter than us.

    But there is such thing as a one-time opportunity such as the past that will never return. Broken-bonds that can never be repaired and more missed opportunities that I can never get back. Yes, I’ve been a victim but sadly the experience is still very raw and I’m not quite ready to share it. I overcome it by having true friends and loving family at my side.

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    1. Oh Jessica, am glad you summed it up 👏 👏 And yes, appetizers sometimes get in the way 😋😋
      There are many opportunities we encounter, miss them and sometimes spend a lot of time regreting and wish we took them up. Unfortunately, we end up missing new rising opportunities right in our faces. We need to learn how to move on as soon as possible, so as not to miss out in life 👌🐧🕊

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  2. Ah. Your blog is such a breath of fresh air! or should I say ear. :))) I too do this. My husband also! In fact, I remember when we were much younger and used to be at loud parties and nightclubs together, he would cup his hands around his ears to hear me better. Now I do this too since I’m going a little deaf. 😆 About the one-time opportunity, your advice is wise and perfect. I will share my story, I call it “shark attack”:

    My husband and I were on a vacation in Mexico. We made fast friends with a ferry ticket man, a local who called himself “Robocop” because he was missing his forearms and had prosthetic arms instead. When it was time for us to go, he offered us a “one-time opportunity” to get US$90 (seemed like a lot at the time) if we showed up to listen to a special meeting the next day which would only take one hour. Having had sales sucker experiences before, I immediately refused but my husband thought what the heck it would be fun. “Robocop” said there would be no obligation to buy but I still said no, I wanted to go to the beach the next day and enjoy life instead. Finally Robocop said “but I have a family to feed, and I get a commission if you show up there, please just show up there.” Okay fine! So we went.

    Once we arrived at the “presentation” meet point we were fed to the sharks — the sales sharks that is. It was to buy a time-share. Even though I told them from the very beginning that we had no money for this and would NEVER be buying a time-share even if we did, they pushed us from one shark to the next and next and next until finally I actually said that we DEMANDED to be let out of the buildings and set free on our way. To get our US$ we had to wait in a line up of other suckers for about 20 minutes, and our whole last day in that beautiful place was wasted. I should have given $20 directly to Robocop himself if I’d wanted to help him, and avoided screwing ourselves in the process.

    It was a one-of-many-time opportunity to waste our lives instead of going it our way.

    On the plus side though, the first shark they set us up with was actually a softie and had been a Billy Idol impersonator before he got the shitty sales job. (I love Billy Idol.) Gunter was his name. He also bought us lunch at the time-share complex. There’s a Gunter in every shark tank. Yay Gunter!

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    1. Oh Mexico, a place known to have it all: fun and disaster. Sales sharks are true beasts ready to take one down, at times, no matter the cost of tongue in humanity. That was selfless of you to show up, helping Robocop out 👏 👏 . But hey, it sounds adventurous and a great bar story. Life is always interesting with sparks of humps ☕😃😶

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      1. These very minor shark trials are always more memorable than a day at the beach. All in all in retrospect it was perfect. 😉👌 we were lucky to be there after all.

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      2. Hi again Joseph, I’m back here since you’ve just liked my last comment. ;)) I feel I blathered on way too much above… and my last comment was a bit flippant… your story prompt just carried me away. So much for listening….

        Anyway, I really loved your post. I actually was really upset by that sales incident, and felt time had indeed been stolen… but I wasn’t mad at robocop. Was mad at myself for not following instincts.

        In your words: “Anytime someone chatters out a phrase: ‘it’s a onetime opportunity’, my sweet, little and dear angel, run as fast as you can, for your doomed life. When that phrase is uttered, caution lights, bells and sirens are activated. Unfortunately, they are ignored by many.”

        So true.


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