Elite Researcher’s Cry: 6 of 7

In an urban, well-settled metropolitan area,
Occupied with several Burnt Heavens,
I resided
It was wonderful, it was marvelous
With access to all, I ever craved and dreamt of:
A fast paced life, with limited time,
To try and figure out, other humans around
How their lives are, or what they hoped to accomplish
Immortality, was a concept, I was working on
Not so interesting facts, I found out about it
Immortal humans, would be a total nuisance
At least, at the moment, mortal humans,
Live, and know, one day they will be gone
Some live to their fullest, thus less time is wasted
I had to leave it that way
I was not interfering again, in matters and issues
Which weren’t mine
I tried it before, and it got I here
Somehow, I was starting to enjoy this place
Many lives, I encountered, from differing nations
I was interested,
To find out more, about their actual lives
Pretense, and a genuine smile, I masked onto my face
A community, I lived in,
I suddenly developed interest in
Blending with those, I hated the most
They were my people, together we rejoiced
Another day went by
I, an Elite Researcher, became miserable


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