Cadaver Architect: 6 of 11

Happiness of sorrow
Sermons my peace of torture
With dreads of love and passion, I receive
The Architect,
Never says a word back, nor slightly blink
I feel her presence, comforting my spirit
A blissful soft wind, brushing my brains
All is well, all is at peace
She still lives
She still provides
She still creates
She still invents
The Architect,
I tell her everything
Alright, not everything
But truly, mostly everything
Ranging from how my day went
To amazing conversations, I had
After all, She is The Architect
The Cadaver Architect,
Who designed your insights as well
The Architect, knows it all
Love of a day, daily achievements
Manipulated struggles, new people met
Assignments received, endeavors earned
And most importantly,
The Cadaver Architect, still cares


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