Rocking Devil: 8 of 8

Thoughts about the amazing and spectacular,
Rocking Devil, rock through my brains
Nights in and night outs, for the days,
I borderline having seizures, and blacking out
I admired it in everything: ways, style, minds,
Wisdom, and more so, a rocking outline
Causing reality to be sprinkled with glitter,
The truth remained the same, perverted as always
The Rocking Devil, possessed:
Twisted styles and insights, of not only,
Into a future, but into an outer darkness as well
Very charming and touching, the Rocking Devil was
This time, I mocked fate, I was in charge
Technically, the Rocking Devil was
I know, shooting stars are dead and faded away
Before their sight is revealed unto humanity,
I wasn’t bothered, I leaned on the Rocking Devil
Answers, it provided, making wishes, useless
This never changed a fact, it was a devil
Its family history, was something else
Nothing of a kind, I ever encountered before
In genealogical records, I searched
Brave souls, they were
Especially, the Rocking Devil’s Sire:
Intelligently warm and sparklingly more beautiful,
Than the Rocking Devil!
The sorcerous left that part out
I fell in love, with the Rocking Devil’s Sire
With rage, I was banished from the chambers
Life was ruined, and it faded into emptiness
Spider webs, could not make connections
The Rocking Devil was gone, not seen anymore
I shouldn’t have done it, I should have been strong
They claim, time heals all,
What of itchy keloid scars, left behind?


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