Rocking Devil: 7 of 8

Tingling whispers, from the Rocking Devil
To present day, continue, to inspire a true smile
On my stupid fucked up face,
Even though, thousands of miles apart
Its name healed sorrow, misery, regrets
And ruined wishes, trapped in my aches
Little did I know,
The Rocking Devil, slowly took over my life
Control of a long lost begotten life, I regained
The Rocking Devil, recaptured and held,
Above my dangling stranded weak body
My life was on a horizontal shredded loop,
With edges bulged out, and a center too far
I still looked up to it: the Rocking Devil
Not because it was a few inches taller than I
But the Rocking Devil, had amazing sexy,
And intelligent friends, in higher places
Motivated, the Rocking Devil was
With a well-organized,
And focused point of view, of its surroundings
Indeed, it was one of a kind: very calm, serious,
Bold, blunt, intelligent, and worst of all
Brilliant brains, it owned
I occasionally lost my thoughts, in its arms
So it smacked I, with reason and logic
I smiled, life was wonderful and great
I never wanted to leave, but,
Its time was over
The Rocking Devil, had to leave


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