Rocking Devil: 2 of 8

Spirits and wines, filled my days
Dark and strong, on rocks, is how I liked it
Vision was crowded, with regrets I knew
Escalating through a future
A future I prepared and worked hard for
The future, was smudged with white dust
Falling from skies, even on sunny days
The future I prepared for, was not any good
Not close enough, to anything I imagined
Too hard I memorized and recited, all was in vain
My future now, relied on something, something,
I had no idea of what it could be, or look like
This time, I downgraded my hopes and thoughts
Expectations, were seized and banished
The worst, I expected, yet I kept positive
Being happy, was a saddest lie, I ever told
It still hunts I, even though decades,
Have rolled, and echoed through a past
Time came, a moment of truth
With no lies or sweet talking, smothering I
I was tired of waiting, after all,
There was nothing else to lose


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